Vacations are blissful moments filled with laughter and adventure. But before we know it, that inevitable moment comes when the phrase ‘back to school’ threatens to rain on the parade of endless fun.  

And when it's time, every household buzzes earliest in the mornings with mothers yelling on top of their voices "wake up or you'll be late for school" or little ones sulking "I don't want to go to school" followed by the unstoppable stomach ache that lasts only till the school gates close.

While some younglings adore their time in school, it may be fussy for the others, especially after long vacations.

Leave your worries behind, for we have the perfect solutions for you! Discover, with us, 12 incredible ideas that will transform the return to school into a thrilling and enjoyable experience for your little ones. 

1. Snack art: Who says mealtime can't be a playful adventure? Food can be fun. Add a tinge of imagination in the regular days of your lil ones by getting creative with their breakfast, snacks and even lunchboxes. This will not just make the food fun-to-eat but you can also add healthy elements to their food. Kids are usually picky and convincing them to eat fruits and vegetables can be challenging, but with creative snack stacking ideas, we can captivate their imagination and ignite excitement for healthy eating! Present them food in cute ways, you can begin with a regular base like tortillas or toasts, do colorful layering of ingredients, add salad in the shape of stars, smileys or hearts from moulds and so on.

2. Back to School Party: Kids often tend to forget what it is like to be with friends over the course of vacation. So to remind them, throw a fantastic back-to-school bash or playdate, inviting your child's pals to reunite and rekindle the special bond and cherished memories that may have faded during the vacation. This gathering of friends will not only strengthen their connections but also help ease any anxieties they may have about the return to school. It's time to create new memories and bid farewell to back-to-school worries together!

Most kids begin to miss their school friends by the end of summer or sometimes, even before. To let them know their friends are back, throwing a back-to-school party a few days before school reopens is the perfect idea to a joyful kickstart. 

Take it up a notch by adding themed elements or hosting a pool party, ice cream extravaganza, or even a car picnic. Let the fun-filled festivities begin!


3. Personalized backpack: Infuse a touch of excitement into your little one's back-to-school gear with an array of trendy stationery items like cute erasers, erasable pens, colorful pencils, pencil bags etc. Keep their notebooks and books organized in their backpack, which can be color-coordinated or themed with their favorite colors and characters. Get creative and decorate their school supplies, notebooks, diaries, and pencil cases with personalized labels, markers, and stickers that reflect their lively personality. Let their school items showcase their unique flair!

4. Back to school crown: Craft and color a "back to school" paper crown, welcoming them back to school. All you need is a coloured sheet of paper, scissors and glue and you can make your child feel on top of the world.

You can also decorate them with cute elements such as glitters, fluorescent sheets etc.

5. Let the countdown begin: Create daily countdown flashcards, marking the number of days until school reopens.This can act as a gentle reminder for their minds to keep hovering on the fact that it's time to go back to school. Moreover, you can also ask them to cross dates on the calendar itself. This activity would not only be fun to perform but also help their minds to adapt.

6. Setting up a goal board: Set up a goal board using a diary or a white board and marker. Add daily goals for your kid to achieve. You can also add the morning rituals such as brushing their teeth, bathing, packing their bags, finishing homework and making them check a box when they have achieved their goal. Watch them thrive and embrace the sense of accomplishment!

7. Make a homework station: Choose a secluded corner of the house or your kid's room. Arrange it with a study table, chair and a cupboard for their books and notebooks. Transform this area into their very own "homework station," evoking the feeling of working in a professional office like grown-ups (Kids love doing that!).

You can also make it more fun by adding fairy lights, table lamps, cute study charts etc. A dedicated study space that is comfortable and well-organized will help your child in taking studies seriously. Allow them to expand their imagination in this space. They can personalize it to their liking with artwork, stickers, posters etc.

8. Include them in preparation- Involve your child in the process of preparing for school. Give them the chance to arrange their bags. Allow them to help with easy tasks like organizing their pencil cases, adding labels to their notebooks and other basic things. This involvement would give them a sense of responsibility and ownership towards their things.

9. Back-to-school Theater: Play the game of pretend school with your child. Take turns being the teacher and the student. Use this game to help the lil ones revise their concepts and get them ready for school.

It's also an excellent chance to have open conversations about any fears or concerns they may have about returning to school.

10. Read back-to-school books: Read back to school books that are appropriate for the age group of your children. This will help them develop a habit of reading and carefully listening. Reading about school would generate excitement, addressing their anxieties, if any.

11. Pack surprise notes: Slip cute little notes into your child's lunchbox or backpack. It can be a simple quote like "Keep smiling" or "You are a star". The notes can also be cute reminders such as "There are donuts for lunch", anything that would bring a smile to their face during the school day. This will help them in the not-so-good days of school as well.

12. Reward their regularity: Make going to school interesting by promising small treats in return like ice cream, chocolates, lemonade, mangoes or something that they like. But make sure you reward them with healthy treats. Avoid excess sweets or junk food as much as possible.


These ideas to prepare your kids for back-to-school are not only budget-friendly but also brimming with excitement. Ignite your child's enthusiasm for bidding farewell to vacations and embracing the return to school. With options catering to every type of kid, we guarantee you'll find something enthralling for them. We encourage parents to actively participate in these enjoyable activities, because this is how children actually grow, as it's often said- Home is the best school.


Written by Aakshiti Singh 

Edited by Chaynika Sharma