The beginnings of Elfin House are rooted in the love that founders & fashion designers Chantal and Sai have for their godchildren Layana and Ira.
From their extensive travels abroad, the women would often bring back beautifully designed organic clothing for the children. These pieces however, would inevitably be relegated to the “special occasions only” pile because the mums could never seem to find similarly crafted pieces locally. Sensing that stylish, quality children’s clothing was hard to come by in India, Chantal & Sai melded their extensive design expertise with their sustainable lifestyle practices, to form Elfin House.
Elfin House clothing is a blend of old-world European aesthetics and homegrown organic fabrics. The collection offers tasteful, English pieces that are dyed, printed, produced and packaged in an eco-friendly manner. It is one of the very few brands in India, that aligns with the International Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
The brand caters to the environmentally conscious mother who wishes to dress her baby in comfortable, chemical free and stylish clothing that highlights her child’s mischievous charm.